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713 Minnehaha Ave. E. St. Paul MN 55106

What Separates our business from the larger Companies? 

MPL is a family owned and operated business.  Mick and Kathy Kieffer are the owners and have been in business since 1986.  The main product of their local business is advertising and promotional items for the public or other businesses. 

What does MPL Specialties do? "We do it all!"

Kathy Kieffer
Kathy Kieffer

MPL has the capabilities to do screen printing, trophies  and embroidery in house.  They also are members of  The National Advertising Specialty Institute, which gives them access to over 35,000 suppliers and over one million products.  They have full capabilities to produce and make beautiful trophies and award plaques.   Recently Mick has added an additional room to their shop just for the trophy expansion.

Just a few other items that they offer are:  T-shirts, jackets, hats, calendars, magnets, pens & pencils, coffee mugs, key tags, thermal cups, can coolers, knives, lapel pins, buttons, tokens, balloons, candy jars and the list goes on forever. 

MPL sells the best product at the lowest price.  MPL is a local Mom & Pop shop which is located in a residential area. They are on the corner of Jesse and Minnehaha Avenue  in St. Paul, MN.  Mick and Kathy named their business after their three children, Mike, Pat and Laura.  Mick and Kathy have worked hard to make their business a one stop shop.

If you want any photo that you see on this site on a t-shirt, contact us and we can do that.

MPL Specialties
713 Minnehaha Ave. E.
Suite 213
St. Paul MN 55106